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biscuits and other heavenly pursuits

about us

nyckid on nycmom

warmhearted mom, superb chef, supportive friend, skillful interior designer, stunning jewelry designer, modish fashionista, and a world-wide traveler

nycmom on nyckid


prolific artist, curious baker, patient older sister, aspiring yogi, conscious environmentalist, smart as whip, cute as a button, and wise beyond her years


biscuitwallah: a person concerned or involved with biscuits!

we are DEFINITELY concerned with biscuits and other yummy goodies

and we are a little bit kooky…or cookie in our case



  1. What a great idea for a blog! I love your descriptions of each other. Can’t wait to read more.

  2. I love this Mo, can’t wait to read more. Maybe Kaira can add a book review or two someday!

  3. Hi Mo, what a great blog you have there,I’m enjoying reading it. I think we have a lot to share between us cause I’m in a great French pastry school and doing homemade cakes for children.

    Anyway good luck to you and keep on the good job!

  4. So nice to hear from you Donika! Too bad I didn’t know about your baking expertise in Barcelona or I would have talked your ear off! Maybe someday we can meet up again and talk about cake!

  5. I’ve started snooping around this blog ever since I heard I was being mocked for having no appreciation for good desserts. So here is a request for you two: salty, crunchy chocolate chip cookies with walnuts!!

  6. Great blog! After reviewing your many posts, I have discovered a gap in your baking expertise: savory gluten-free edibles. I’m sure that with your extensive networks you will be able to find a local guinea pig to test your creations as you tackle this new challenge…

  7. hmmm…savory gluten free yummies…will have to give that some serious thought! Stay tuned!

  8. Hi Mo,
    Nice to run into you yesterday. I love your baking work and can’t wait to see your jewelry. Give me an idea of your schedule and we’ll figure a time I can come visit. Generally, Mon.,Tues and Thurs during the days are best.

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