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miami shenanigans part II: south beach food tour !


random picture of a cool house bc i'm running out of pictures to use haha

random picture of a cool house bc i’m running out of pictures to use haha

hey!! hi! I’m back

(sorry for the hiatus you know what week it is…………………. FINALS WEEK) but anyways:

so where did I leave off………. oh yeah day 2

sooo for day 2 we actually got to be there for the FULL day (instead of showing up halfway through the day haha) so we hopped out of bed with a spring in our step ready to attack the day! (kind of)

but anyways I don’t know if I mentioned this before but the basement in which this whole convention was held was literally FREEZING it was ridiculously cold and I honestly don’t know what they were trying to do to us but I was NOT prepared for that because I thought we were going to Miami which is usually warm right?? but yeah I had to brace myself before going downstairs because I knew I’d start to get pneumonia again after like 2 seconds

so we were greeted by a lovely continental breakfast (which was kind of mediocre to be honest) and we were in this huge auditorium room with a stage at the front… and there were a bunch of women sitting on the stage who were supposed to be giving a presentation on how to use pinterest to boost your blog traffic or something but it turned out to be mostly them just talking about themselves haha

well anyways after that they basically had these things called “breakouts” which were these different presentations held in various auditoriums and you could choose which ones you wanted to attend! so we went to a few….. one of them was a guy plating a cheesecake for an hour or something which was kind of anticlimactic… and there was another one that was supposedly about how to take quality food pics with your phone (except it was also kind of anticlimactic ha)

there was also a presentation which was a panel of a bunch of people who were supposed to be talking about “turning food ethics into action” (it was basically just them talking about their success stories which is great and all I guess) but there was one indian woman who has a blog called food babe which is basically about her finding out all the bad stuff in different food brands and then exposing them to the world! which is pretty cool except now my mom is trying to get me to stop eating goldfish crackers because they have something horrific in them I guess?? except that’s not gonna happen ahha sorry

we also went to ANOTHER panel in which we learned that apparently it’s really important to have a facebook page for your blog?? maybe we should acquire one of those I guess idk

but okay sorry I’m ranting a lot! back to the point of this post! so for lunch we were supposed to be dropped off at some exotic location by the name of “mary brickell village” which my mom googled and quickly found out that it’s really just a mall haha

sooo because we weren’t gonna spend a good 2 hours of our life at mary brickell village, my mom decided to book us 2 spots on a “south beach food tour” which ended up being an A+ experience which I shall recount for you guys!

(also we had a super swag tourguide named mirka shoutout to her !!!)

photo 4first we went to a restaurant and my mom got some alcoholic beverage (I really don’t know what it is sorry) but I also got some type of latin american cream soda which was really good!


SONY DSCthis is ceviche I think (not really into that kinda stuff but I bet it was good)

SONY DSCwe also got empanadas!!! score


my mom caught off guard smiling charismatically with a churro

these churros!!! were so!!! GOOD

we found them in this like little hole in the wall restaurant and I totally would NOT have expected them to have these but…. they were literally the highlight of that whole trip (also they had caramel in them)

SONY DSC~cool art deco hotel spotted~

dat me

dat me

photo 1

this was a really good chicken sandwich that we got at a cute restaurant called Polo Norte (which means north pole in spanish !) (because it used to be an ice cream store apparently?)

photo 2we also got these teeny shots of coffee and for some reason I thought I could handle it so I took a swig and I almost puked everywhere because I definitely could NOT handle it honestly I can only drink coffee when its like 1% coffee and 99% milk sorry

(and then we were begging mirka for some milk or sugar or something and she was like no a true columbian drinks its like this!!! what the frick)

photo 4then we went to a pizza place (I think) and we got these things called like hippie wraps or hippie something (they had cheese and sundried tomatoes and other various things it was good!)

photo 5cute street !!!

photo 1our last stop was an ice cream place with a cool machine that looked like this and it was spinning the whole time omg wow

photo 3

dat me (again)

so that night when we went back to the hotel there was one more final event which was the afterparty!! so we all got on a bus and it got lost for like 20 minutes and rammed into a fence but soon we were back on track and we finally got there and it was kind of anticlimactic except…………

photo 5I MET THE PIONEER WOMAN !!! she was so cool wow you don’t even understand how excited I was haha

(sorry I look like a grapefruit in this picture but hey at least I’m wearing a cool ice cream sandwich dress am I right)

buut yeah that concludes our trip!! hope you guys enjoyed my recounting! In all I think BlogHer food was definitely a learning experience (being our first food conference and all) and honestly I don’t think we’d do it again (because I feel like it was more focused on networking rather than hands-on learning classes) and also I just feel like it was aimed at a different crowd…. but maybe we’d try a different food conference?? we learned about a few cool ones so maybe that is in our future….!


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