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alice in wonderland (tim burton)


I just saw the movie, Alice in Wonderland, based on the original book by Lewis Carroll. And let me tell you, I was a little disappointed. But that’s just my opinion. I’ll give you a little summary of what the plot was, first:

Easily distracted, but nonetheless imaginative Alice, who is now 19, feels confined in a world of proper manners, and people telling her how to live her life. And when she arrives at a garden party, she isn’t surprised to find that, Hamish, the son of one of her father’s business partners, is planning to propose to her, and all of the guests expect her to accept. But suddenly, just as he asks her, she spots a white rabbit out of the corner of her eye, and runs after it, through the bushes and trees, until she comes to a hole, and falls in.

I think that this movie would have been a lot better, though, if it were the actual story; I just thought that this story wasn’t as good as the first one by Lewis Carroll. And, one other thing I would have liked to have seen would have been an Alice with a hair color other than blonde. But that’s just me.

But now on to the positives: I really liked the costumes, especially The Red Queen’s (look at the pix below) and The Mad Hatter’s (again, look below). And I also liked how it was like “Alice Returns to Wonderland” (though, like I said before, I think the original story was better). Maybe they should have named the movie something else, so that people would be less confused about whether it is the original version or not. And finally, I liked the fact that it was a family movie (that’s always a good quality!) So, all in all, I think this was a nice movie.

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