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farmer totman’s organic red kidney bean rajmah


Ok folks! Here goes our attempt at posting blogs more frequently!

Some of you may remember that I receive a box of goodies once a week from a farmer up in Massachusetts.  I have found that it’s a great way for my kids to experience new veggies and understand the farming cycling.  It’s always a surprise to see what we get!  The deliveries for this season started the first week of June and so far we have gotten some wonderful items – zucchini blossoms, organic cheeses, miso tamari, beautiful swiss chard in a rainbow of colors, chinese cabbage, lots of mint, thyme and cilantro, baby garlic, two kinds of radishes and some green stuff that I’m not even sure what it is!  Waiting to see what the rest of the summer brings!

Last week the Good Farmer also included a bag of dried organic red kidney beans.  Since I am not going to India this summer (re: recent pretzel post – baby!) I thought I would try and brush up on some of my Indian recipes.  So I made some rajma (red kidney bean curry) and it came out delish!  So delish that I had to send Farmer Totman a picture of the pot full of beans.  He asked me to do a little write up for his blog so I’m going to cheat a little here and just link (right there) to his blog, ok?

some of Farmer T’s bounty!

obligatory baby picture!

finished rajma!

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