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marzipan madness!


The other day, my grandpa was coming over. And so, we decided to make him an early father’s day treat: his favorite, marzipan!

It’s really not that hard. It’s mostly fun, actually! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • an assortment of food colorings
  • marzipan (a can, preferably. They have longer shelf lives than tubes)
  • cloves (optional)

That’s pretty much all you need! Here are some helpful tips, though:

  1. When mixing in the coloring, just try to blend it in, as if you were mixing two colors of play doh or something.
  2. After making a couple things, you might want to wash your hands. It makes rolling the marzipan out easier, and you won’t get colors from your last creation mixed into your new one.
  3. The cloves are for making stems in the fruits.
  4. Be creative!!

Here are some of ours:

An octopus.

A cupcake.

An egg – sunny side up!

A book, creatively titled “Book”.

And, some fruit. (see the clove-stems).

So go make some marzipan RIGHT NOW!!!

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