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So very excited to have received my first box from my CSA which most of you already know is Community Supported Agriculture.  I used to do this year’s ago when it was just me and my sweetie but we couldn’t finish the vegetables and fruits fast enough. Those were also the days of leisurely dinners out.  Decided to try it again as I now have three rebellious hellions for whom it is my motherly duty to force feed vegetables to.  And as for eating out that has become a defense sport in which Aj and I try and shovel down dinner (and a drink!) while simultaneously avoiding hair pulling, hysterical crying and vomiting.

I have never met Farmer T.  From what he has told me he lives this very bucolic life in Massachusetts where he tends his family’s farm and rides around in a wood paneled station wagoney vehicle collecting things to put in my box every week.  And he always has little baby chicks running around his feet in a cute little chicken orbit.  Ok, I made that last part up but it does sound nice.  I’m not sure how his week generally goes but I do know that he drives down on Wednesday morning to make his NYC drop offs and I am drop off #1.  I didn’t quite know what to expect and was hoping it wasnt a lot of swiss chard and kale (which was my experience 13 years ago) and was happily surprised today.  Feast your eyes on this week’s epicurean delights:

Lovely to look at, no?  In fact, I just arranged it on my dining room table and looked at it for a couple of hours.   Truthfully, there were a few things that I had no idea what they were:

Beautiful pink teeny radishes, bok choy, scallions, two bags of green leafy, two bunches of beautiful lettuce, yogurt, some  smoked cheddar and gouda, garlic red pepper miso, homemade vanilla granola, wild rice, the cutest little box of tea, a dozen farm fresh eggs, a loaf of really -good-for-you bread, a chicken from vermont and some fresh ground beef.  And a bunch of green leafy things that I am not quite sure of what they are but will probably taste really good sauteed with some garlic.

Oh, and 3 cookies each about the size of my head.

chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and ginger (with real chunks of candied ginger!)

Cookies in my vegetable box?  Now we are talking!  That is my kind of farmer.

It sort of felt a little like Christmas here today with all these new surprises I got to unpack. Looking forward to my 26 weeks of Farmer T.  Thanks to my sister who hooked me up with him.

By the way, in another life Farmer T was a clothes designer in East Hampton.  And now he’s a gentleman farmer.  Like I said, my kind of farmer.

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