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banana “ice cream” (one ingredient!)


Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting for such a looooooong time. My hw is going nuts. I’m amazed I had time to write this! But we’ve got plenty more coming for you, so stop complaining! Yeesh.

We were vacationing in India and Hong Kong over the summer – there were some pretty funky dishes there, too! Nycmom will be posting on them in a little bit.

But Fall’s finally here, people! (mmm…I can smell the pumpkin choco chip bars already!) So even though I actually made this recipe over the summer and even though it’s a summer recipe, I’m sure you’ll still love it. Especially the fact that it’s made with ONLY ONE INGREDIENT!

“How can you make ice cream using only one ingredient?” you may ask. “Why are there quotation marks around ‘ice cream’?”Why is bacon so good??” “Why am I writing this so late at night???” “WHY???!!!”

Well, I’ll tell you why. One word – BANANAS!

Yup, that’s right. This ice cream is only made out of bananas! Which is another plus because I’m pretty sure bananas are in season all year round.

Here’s the recipe:


  • 3-4 bananas
  • mix-ins, such as choco chips, peanut butter, nutella, etc. (optional)


1. Cut the bananas into 1/4 to 1/2 disks and put them in a tupperware into the freezer.

2. After a couple hours, or until the disks are completely hardened, dump them into a food processor.
3. Keep pulsing the banana disks. At one point they’ll look like banana gravel.
Keep on pulsing. You might want to scrape down the sides or spread/even out the mush at points.
4. But keep pulsing until it suddenly turns into a creamy banana “ice cream”-y treat!

5. At this point, you can mix in things like chocolate chips, peanut butter, nutella, etc.
6. Then, serve immediately. The texture will be like soft serve, but for regular, harder ice cream, freeze it in a tupperware for a couple hours.

7. Eat up!

This recipe was actually just like soft serve if you ate it straight from the processor to the bowl. But after a while, as it melted, it started to taste more like mushy banana. So maybe using a stronger mix-in than choco chips (ex: pb?) would make it taste better.

But if you haven’t noticed yet, it’s made out of only bananas! So it’s super healthy! :). And, like I said before, if you stick this in the freezer for a bit, it’ll be like hard ice cream! It’s pretty good in this stage for piling up in stacks of scoops! (as you can probably tell by the pix, I got a little carried away).

So, back on topic, this ice cream was pretty cool! And we have a bunch more posts coming up, people! Stay tuned! Don’t walk away! I’m looking at you! No, not you – next to you, no, the other guy – yeah you. DON’T GO ANYWHERE.

Oh and actually, one more really exciting thing:
Well, you guys all know about cake balls, right? (you’d better). So anyway, I sent some pix of them to the one and only Bakerella and…… (click here)


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