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fresh lime soda… i miss you!


Needless to say I have been absent.  And no good excuses here – just summer and traveling and sister’s wedding and school and just life.  You know how sometimes life takes over and you just don’t have time for stuff?  That long list of to-do’s? Those appointments you need to make and that desk you need to clear off?  And last year’s art projects that need to be saved forever or discreetly made to disappear?  And suddenly it’s almost November and your kid’s are still wearing sandals and shorts??  Yeah – that’s the life stuff I’m talking about.

So now it’s fall and we are back in school and back in NYC and back to life.  I was just daydreaming today about all the yummy food we had in the nice warm places we visited this summer (while I pulled on my Uggs, mind you) and thought I might share some pictures.  I should have taken so many more but most times I am just too excited to dig in and think of pictures until there is really not much left to take pictures of.

And about that fresh lime soda.  Everywhere you go in India you can get a fresh lime soda which consists of freshly squeezed lime juice, a little tumbler of simple syrup and a bottle of bubbly soda water.  You get to make it your way.  You can have it sweet or salty.  You can have it sweet AND salty.  And you can have it with vodka if that is what you are needing that day.  It is the first thing I order when I land in India and the last thing I have before I leave.  Just can’t get it here.  Plus the limes are different.  And the air.  And the bubbly water in the cute glass bottle.  Fresh lime soda is India.  I miss you!

Here are a few of the memorable meals.

and of course don’t forget to

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