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Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting for a while…haven’t really had the time. Anywhoooo — remember those cakeballs I said that I’d post about? Well here it is!

But wait! I have to tell you about my “cake ball experience”, first:

So. When I first discovered these,the first thing I thought was WOW! WE HAVE TO MAKE THESE! And so, when I had a bakesale at my school, I did! And they tasted pretty good. But the thing was, since nobody knew what they were, they didn’t buy them at the bakesale! And so, when I went home, I was left with a big fat plate of cakeballs. But don’t worry, we put them to good use 🙂 – (aka we ATE them!) And so, for my birthday, I decided to try again, and so for my class, I brought in some cakeballs. And when everyone tried them, THEY WENT CRAZY!! Everyone LOVED them! And they were gone in no time! So. When we had another bakesale (this one for Haiti), I brought in the box of cakeballs that you see here, and because everyone in my class knew of their amazingness, they told all the customers, and the cakeballs sold like hotcakes!!

So. That was my cakeball experience.

Basically, Cake balls are magical little balls of cake that I found on a great baking site by the amazing Bakerella, and let me tell you: they will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Maybe. I don’t know. But they’re really good! So, I’ll just skip the chitchat, and get to the point!


  • 1 box of cake mix
  • 1 can of frosting
  • 2 packages of candy melts
  • Sprinkles (optional, but recommended)


  1. Bake the cake mix.
  2. After it’s cooled (or you can do it while it’s slightly warm), crumble up the cake into a bowl.
  3. Mix frosting really well into crumbled cake. I recommend using your fingers to do this, even though it’s messy! It makes it a lot easier, and it’s kinda fun!
  4. Use a mini ice cream scooper to make balls out of the cake, and lay them out on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. We usually get around 90 cakeballs, but if you use a bigger scoop, you don’t have to get as many.
  5. Stick it in the freezer until they are frozen-ish.
  6. Melt one package of candy melts for 30 second intervals in a bowl. You will probably need a second bag later.
  7. Take the cakeballs out of the freezer, and drop 2-4 at a time into the melted candy melts. You can use tongy things to take the cakeballs out of the melts, and to help lay them on the tray. A spoon will probably work, too. Whatever floats your boat.
  8. If you want to, decorate with sprinkles before the melts harden.
  9. Wait for the melts to harden.
  10. ENJOY!!!

P.S. If you’re lucky, you can find RED VELVET CAKE MIX! Like this:

(choir singing)

But I doubt that you’d be that lucky. Because we got it from some other place. Good luck finding it.

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