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doodle for google (and eggs)

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Kaira was feeling a bit shy so I thought I would post to my few friends who read this blog  – her entry was one of 2 chosen from New York State for the Doodle for Google contest.  As her history teacher says, brava Kaira!   Basically kids are invited to design the Google home page logo.  The topic this year was:

If I could do anything, I would...

Check out her entry and others here

Sustainable Eating Taking Root
Kaira Mediratta
The Dalton School

And in other news today – and I know this is totally random but I just have to share! – I was in Whole Foods shopping for dinner and look at what I saw!

No, it is not an avocado but an Emu egg!  It costs $29.99 and is the same as 10 chicken eggs!!  Isn’t that amazing?    And quite unglamorously it hails from New Jersey.

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